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Blackjack is arguably one of the most loved (and sometimes hated) casino card games of all time. Though it’s extremely easy to understand and play, it does require a lot of strategy to be good at. Due to its popularity, it has spawned dozens of variations over the years. One particular variation that has managed to capture the interests of a lot players happens to be Vegas Strip Blackjack. As its name implies, this variation first started out in Las Vegas and is now one of the most common games you’ll find there. This variation has become so popular that a majority of casino gaming software developers are likely to have it as part of their blackjack offerings.

Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack

One of the prominent casino gaming developers that arguably has the best version of Vegas Strip Blackjack is Microgaming. Like most of its blackjack titles, the developer made sure that their version of this popular Blackjack variation is easy to play with intuitive controls. Unlike other versions, players are only given one hand and are allowed to bet anywhere from $/€/£1 to as much as $/€/£200 per deal. In terms of audio, Microgaming wisely stayed away from adding annoying background music to the game. This allows the player to focus and concentrate on what really matters most: winning against the dealer.


Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack retains all the features that make this blackjack variation one of the most popular casino games in Las Vegas. Like with the real life version, this game features a dealer sitting on 4 52-card decks. The game also allows the dealer to peek for Blackjack and like other variations, it will stand once it has a soft 17. Aside from this, the game also allows players to double not just on their initial hands but also after splitting a hand. A unique feature of the game is that allows splitting of dissimilar royal (10-value) cards. Speaking of splits, though the game allows the player to split as much as 4 hands, it interestingly doesn’t allow for the splitting of aces more than once. Additionally, if you get a 21 on a split ace, this won’t be counted as Blackjack.


So how can you expect to win in Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack? Like with a majority of blackjack variations, an optimized Basic Strategy for Vegas Strip Blackjack should get you the results you desire. If you’re still not familiar with this, you can check out various books in Amazon. In a nutshell, Basic Strategy is a guide to help you get the most from any deal. It operates on the idea that if you use it, you’ll be able to minimize your losses (as opposed to ensuring you win every hand).

Alternatives: Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

It should also be noted that Microgaming also has another version of Vegas Strip Blackjack that it calls Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. This has better graphics and is designed for larger screens. At its core, it’s still the same blackjack variation only that it now simulates being in a real blackjack table. The maximum amount that players can wager per deal is still capped at $/€/£200. However players are now able to customize their bets since the game makes use of betting chips instead of regular Vegas Strip Blackjack’s pre-configured betting options.

If you’re looking to become a better blackjack player, then you’ll probably benefit from playing either Vegas Strip Blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. Both of these games are available on Microgaming-powered casinos and are very easy to understand. Yes, there is a steep learning curve before you actually become good at it but what blackjack variation doesn’t?

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