Basic Strategy Chart for Single Deck Blackjack

If you are looking to learn all about Blackjack, you can do that here! Mastering Blackjack should take a few hours to learn and you can use resources like Blackjack books or find Blackjack strategy trainers. Commonly you’ll find Blackjack basic strategy charts which you can follow but keep in mind they should adjust based on the rules available. These rules vary based on casino to casino and sometimes are software based.

You can download the files on your phone as PDF or Excel:


Costliest & Common Blackjack Mistakes

It’s easy to ignore the maths and theory sometimes and not take the time to learn the game, as it’s just so much fun. If you want to learn and master basic strategy for Blackjack it’s a good idea to get to know the game by doing just a bit of research, it really will make all the difference. If you are planning to learn and practice to play for real money online or hit the nearest casino then it’s certainly a way of making your money go further when gambling. At least you can understand some of the common plays that come up and to know which plays can be the costliest or the most common Blackjack mistakes.

Here are some of the worst plays you can make

  • Splitting 10s
  • Taking insurance
  • Hitting on 17 or higher

Splitting 10s

This is never a good idea, if a dealer has a 10, 20 or an Ace the odds will always be against you if you split the 10’s and go for 2 different hands.  Play the cards you have and hope for the best when it comes to the dealer revealing their hand.

Taking Insurance

If a dealer has an Ace, you will always be asked by the dealer if you would like to take insurance.  This is just an additional cost and is a cheeky way for the casino to make some more cash from this particular hand.

Hitting on 17 or higher

If you see someone at your table do this and win, they got lucky. When you have 17 or higher against a dealer 10 or Ace, you should hold. Unless you have a soft 17 should you consider hitting.

Card Counting

Card counting is a lot of work, to master card counting you’ll need at least 40 hours of dedication plus advanced blackjack books like Blackjack for Blood for example. We recommend you avoid this as if you are playing blackjack online against the house, the random number generator (RNG) means the decks are shuffled automatically after every bet. For live dealer blackjack or playing at a land based casino, this is a lot of work to pull off with no guarantees it will be worth the effort. Basic Blackjack Strategy



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