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June 6th, 2016 by

If you’re not already a member of Glimmer Casino, then what are you waiting for? Players can join today and start collecting VIP Rewards as loyal players to the site. This VIP Scheme allows you to bag yourself points, bonuses and lots of special gifts, making this a site that really gives back what you put into it. As you collect more points by playing fun online casino games, the more rewards you’ll then unlock.

If you join today, you’ll start off on the Bronze level which gives you access to the Online VIP Room Status, the Glimmer Casino monthly newsletter, live chat, customer support via mail, and phone, plus you can also convert up to 500 points every single day into cash.

Glimmer Casino Vip
Carrying on from Bronze we, of course, then hit Silver. In addition to everything that you have already received on the Bronze Level, your maximum points converted per day will rise to 2,000, and you’ll also receive a 2% Discount on Bets.  To reach this level, you’ll need to amass 500 points.

Once you hit 1000 points, you’ll have struck Gold at Glimmer Casino! Not only will your Discounts on Bets be upped to 4%, but you’ll also have a rise in your Maximum Points Converted Per Day to 5,000. Getting that gold medal also means you’ll be given extra special treatment with VIP Customer Support.

There is quite a jump between the Gold and Platinum levels. However, it will be well worth your time collecting those extra 4,000 points. In total, you’ll need 5,000 points to reach this level but once you do you’ll be treated on your birthday with a gift, plus you’ll be able to access the VIP Support Hotline. Because VIP’s don’t have to wait around, right? Players will also receive a 7% Discount on Bets and will be able to convert up to 10,000 points every day.

Shine bright like a Diamond when you hit a whopping 10,000 points! Players who have reached the highest level of this VIP Scheme will bag themselves a 10% Discount on Bets and will be able to convert up to 30,000 points each and every day. What’s more, you’ll also be treated like the very important person that you are with a Personal Account Manager, Personalised Gifts, and Anniversary Bonus all Diamond perks.

If you want to climb the levels of the Glimmer Casino VIP Reward Scheme, get depositing and collecting points today and you’ll be a Diamond level player in no time at all!

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